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R & D capability
Innovation Capability
        In order to grasp the core technology of vacuum acquisition and vacuum coating, establishing the research and development system, we organized the Vacuum Technology Research Insititute, which is aimed for designing customer specified special vacuum equipment and continous improving of our standard vacuum products. As the district-level R&D center, a large number of experienced technicians were introduced to. The VTRI include three labs for fundamental research of vacuum test, electrical control and vacuum coating process. And two research groups for vacuum acquire equipment and vacuum application equipment. In the year of 2010, we are qualified and approved to set up the Post-doctoral Work Station.
        In recent years, after the biggest box-type coater ZZS2500-1/G in China which is under the guidance of VTRI for Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, we were successively developt the GFC-1300 series high quality automatic vacuum coater, and finished the research of the ZZ-3200 Coater for astronomical telescope. Above all, the products were awarded 19 items of national prize and over 90 items of provincial prize. They were also acquired 7 items of invention patents and 12 items of utility model patents in the mean time.