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Automatic auto lamp coating equipment
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    ●Automatic auto lamp coating equipment is mainly used for auto lamp surface evaporation aluminum reflective film and silicone oil protective film, vapor deposition lamp materials are PC, ABS, PBT, PP, PC + ABS ASA, PP + GF and so on.
    ●Functions include: high-pressure ion bombardment pretreatment, aluminized film, and secondary protective film plating in a vacuum chamber. The superhard protective film improves the oxidation resistance of the aluminum layer and maintains a long-term high reflectivity of the aluminum layer. The reflective film of the plated auto lamp has reached the national standard for auto lamps and passed tests such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, and salt resistance.
    ●The equipment adopts the computer system to control and monitor the operation status and coating process of the equipment (the monitored data can be played back), PLC control and touch type man-machine interface are used to realize full automation of the coating process, the operation is simple, the work efficiency is improved, and the Product quality stability and consistency, while reducing the impact of human factors. The equipment coating quality is high, stable and reliable.
    Automatic auto lamp coating equipment
    Technical parameters
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     Vacuum container size
    φ1600×2000mm (SUS304 stainless steel)
     Fixture shaft rotation diameter, number, length
    6/8轴φ440  L=1700
    Vacuum index
    Ultimate vacuum(Room temperature, no-load, clean conditions):≤3.0×10-4Pa
    2)恢复真空:从大气抽至2.0×10-2 Pa≤7分钟(空载)
    Recovery vacuum:From the atmosphere 2.0×10-2 Pa≤7Minutes(no-load)
    3)抽气速率/ Pumping rate:≥25000L/S
    4)静态漏率/ Static leakage rate: <5×10-3 Pa/S
    5)回填大气时间/ Backfill atmospheric time: <2 min
     Evaporation source
    1)  电阻加热式,功率≥30kwAC6~12V可调;利用可控硅调(SCR)压模块控制或变压器。
    Resistance heating type, power ≥ 30kw AC6 ~ 12V adjustable; using thyristor modulation (SCR) pressure module control or transformer.
    Evaporation electrode: tungsten wire, installation number 17-24 units/ sets.
    Silicon oil protective film overlap
    Silicone oil storage tank and filled pipe material: SUS304 stainless steel.
    Silicon oil storage tank volume: ≥ 20L. There are visual and level gauges, heaters, and temperature sensors that are kept at the set constant temperature, and the temperature is up to 50 degrees.
    Silicon oil storage tanks have observation windows.
    4)DC等离子重合方式,DC0~6000V ,0~2A可调。
    DC plasma overlap method, DC0 ~ 6000V, 0 ~ 2A adjustable.
     Silicon oil flow control
    采用针型阀控制/ Using needle valve control
     Ar filling system
    1)  填充管道: SUS304不锈钢;
    Filled pipe: SUS304 stainless steel;
    2)  质量流量控制器;
    Mass flow controller
     Installed power